Our Services

Our team of experts have 28 years of experience in the fiduciary and tax advisory field. Different approaches are available and possible in the team with Marteen being legally qualified and a CA(SA), being able to review matters and provide solutions from both a legal and financial perspective.

A fresh and updated legal viewpoint is being offered by Tamryn as being the younger generation on clients’ matters, bringing amongst others her international experience and education at the summer law school in Austria to the table.

Offshore trusts and structures, and offshore advice

We facilitate specialist offshore advice and structuring with our offshore partners and the international tax specialists that we work with to ensure that your offshore needs are met. We work very closely with our said partners to ensure that the international advice and structures are suitable for you and that there is a seamless integration thereof with your estate plan.

Maximising value-based family wealth

We give you peace of mind and the freedom in knowing that we care.